A Guide to the Best Jeans for Petite Women

As someone who is 4’11”, shopping for jeans is a constant struggle. Finding clothes that fit can be a challenge, especially if the brands you like don’t make specialty petite sizing. When it comes to jeans, the biggest problem is usually length, but it doesn’t end there. Some petite women also struggle with waist sizing due to the proportions of jeans being created for a different body type.

If hemming every single pair of jeans to a proper length sounds a little exhausting – we got you. No more considering shopping in the kids’ section, and no more chopping off the ends of your jeans hoping that the frayed look never goes out of style.

We are here to help you find full-length jeans that will actually fit, flare jeans that are proportionally perfect for you, and jeans that have all the fun details that tall girls get to wear. Below, we picked out the best petite jeans from our favorite denim fit experts.

Skinny and Straight-Leg Jeans

best for : all petite body types

Skinny and straight-leg jeans are the number one most recommended silhouette for short girls because the way they hug the legs creates a lengthening illusion. They also make hips look narrower and legs skinnier, which in effect makes the wearer look taller.

Boot-Cut Jeans

best for : apple- and hourglass-shaped petite body types

Another recommended jean style for short women is the boot cut. Although this one also looks great on all body types, apple and hourglass shapes will benefit the most from this silhouette.

The slightly roomy leg on the boot-cut jeans will balance out the rounded upper body on an apple shape. It will highlight the tiny waist and curvy hips on an hourglass shape. Dark-wash boot-cut jeans will minimize your bottom half and would help draw the eye up toward your upper half.

High-Waisted Jeans

best for : hourglass petite body types

The high waist just very recently came back into fashion, but it’s now considered as regular jeanswear. Petites who want to take part in this trend have got the high waist’s lengthening effect on their side. Some things to keep in mind are choosing high-waisted jeans in a solid wash so you can retain that unbroken long line.

There are several points women with short legs should consider in wearing jeans, but there are also many ways to make it easier. For example, wear tops with a bit of embellishment, in an eye-catching halter cut, or in a fun, bright color to highlight your upper half.

Choose dainty prints instead of big prints. You can also stick to shopping at the petite departments. Of course, the easiest way is to wear heels! Your podiatrist might not approve, but the instant height and the style that heels provide can’t be beaten!

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