Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

When it comes to hairstyle trends, nothing is ever really out. That being said, there are looks that naturally come and go – especially when it comes to hair color. We’ve compiled the trending hair colors that are going to become the most stylish shades of the year. Be prepared to screenshot these cute celebrity looks to show your colorist. Seriously if you’re itching to go blonde, brunette, or even try red, there’s a flattering shade out there for you.

To help you try the best hair color trends out there, we chatted with celebrity stylists and Instagram influencers to get their thoughts on the latest and greatest hues. Once you’ve selected your color, consider our short hair ideas, ombré inspo, and braided hairstyles for an even bigger transformation.

Scroll down to admire all the brilliant hair colour trends we’re loving…

Strawberry Blonde

Shades of red are still trending for 2020, but if you’re looking to go to the lighter side, strawberry blonde is a great option.

Black and Almost-Black

If light hair isn’t your thing, you’ve still got plenty of options. Black hair and dark browns are so classic that they hold their own weight through every year.

Dark Brown/Black

Even if you already have dark hair, don’t be afraid to update your color to make it deeper and more vibrant.

Red Velvet

For a red that’s a moodier than strawberry blonde, look to this deep, red velvet hue. Red is a color that looks great on every skin tone. Not only does it make a statement, these Red Velvet hues are not too warm or too cool, so they work with all complexions.

Smoky Ice

Who can forget when Kim Kardashian went icy blonde? It was obvious she loved this cool-toned version and still posts it on her Instagram — for good reason. The covetable shade keeps coming back into style because it’s super hip, plus it looks great even when roots start growing back in.

High-Contrast Color

You don’t have to go as intense with color contrasting to get a similar vibe. You can adjust the hair tone cool or warm depending on your skin tone. The most flattering shades are when the tones are kept in the same family.

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