My Favorite Faux Fur & Leather Jacket Picks For The Fall

Fall is officially here! Which means it’s time to put your best booties forward, break out your cutest jackets, and strut down the chilly streets as if you were Carrie Bradshaw herself. What’s better than making a statement with a cute-cover up to top off your fall fits?

With staple pieces such as timeless faux fur coats and trending faux leather jackets, the possibilities are endless. As a plethora of brands are showing up for the sustainable movement, fall fashion has never been so helpful in aiding toward a more animal-friendly shopping spree.

Yet, with so many options to choose from, it may take some time to decide on where to look and what to buy for the trends this season. Don’t worry! We has got you covered with some of the cutest jackets to keep you warm and stylish as the leaves begin to fall. Get in girl, we’re going shopping.

  1. Classic Chic

This cheek color is great to pair with dark jeans, especially since fall colors like Burgundy, olive, and black are making their iconic comeback. A classic brown goes with everything, and that’s why it always wins.

  1. Patent Princess

Patent is such a signature way to bring in fall. It’s bold, trendy, and always catches attention with its shine. Feeling daring? Pull out some patent!

  1. Pretty in Pink

This plush pink coat is extremely soft and stylish, and aids in bringing the brightness to a cool season that’s focused on darker hues. This is a jacket for the girl who swears that on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

  1. Best of Both Worlds

Who says a girl can’t have her cake and eat it too? This bold leather jacket is wrapped up in the soft notes of lilac purple, which is great for both fall and the transition into the colder months of spring.

  1. Croc Chic

This bold piece brings fall to another level with its dark burgundy color and daring crocodile print. It holds enough power to turn everyone’s heads while you strut down the street in style.

  1. I Mean Business, Babe

Once you slip into this sleek trench coat, all you need is a pair of dark sunglasses to show everyone that you mean business. It’s professional look can be worn heading into work, while it’s versatile nature can also be caught strolling the streets to explore the nightlife of the city. Either way, it’s definitely a steal to cherish wisely.

  1. Colorful Cutie

Who doesn’t love a pop of color, or a few? This coat is best when you’re feeling whimsical, and is affordable enough to make your pockets happy!

  1. Givin’ Me the Blues

Chilly, but make it fashion! This Ice blue jacket is great to transition into winter with. It also looks amazing with light washed denim and light colors. It’s cropped bottom makes it unique from the rest, and gives you enough breathing room to move around in.

  1. Biker Babe Craze

This jacket looks like something you’d see out of a nineties movie, which is why it’s something that needs to be a part of your fall closet. Vintage fashion paired with cold weather is a match made in Heaven!

  1. Your Not-So Traditional Girl

Collarless jackets are something you’d image zooming past you as someone drives off in a moped. These unconventional leather jackets are great to pair with turtlenecks and sweaters during the colder days of fall.

As fall makes its long-awaited performance, you can look your best without harming the earth or animals in the process. So, grab your jacket, bundle up, and face the next few months like the boss you are.

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