Polka Dot Fashion Ideas That Are Trending This Season

Prints can easily feel intimidating, especially if you’re mostly drawn to neutral tones like me. Yes, I do fancy myself the occasional color pop, but typically in the form of a solid or entry-level floral. Prints just have a way of feeling overly fussy for me with the rare exception of classic stripes or, when I’m feeling a bit bolder, polka dots.

The polka dot pattern has been around for over a century and is a trend that continues to come back into vogue. When Miss America debuted a polka dot bikini in 1926, Disney followed suit shortly after by creating a head to toe polka dot look (including matching statement bow) for its’ beloved cartoon character, Minnie Mouse. Many fashion houses and designers have experimented with the pattern, namely Christian Dior and Balenciaga, be-decking their apparel and accessories with the famous dots.

While I’ve admired them from afar, I’ve struggled with styling polka-dot pieces in a way that feels elevated instead of childlike. And while they usually come in comfortable shades of black and white, I somehow lack the ability to wear them at work without feeling out of step. But this is all about to change.

I’m determined to become a polka-dot professional. Why? After spotting plenty of dotted pieces in designer collections for Spring/Summer 2020, I’ve decided I must give the look a try. From darling dresses to cool button-down shirts and cropped pants, I feel as though it’s a look I can finally master. And who better to provide me with endless outfit inspiration than the always-stylish women of the street-style scene?

Polka dots outfits have that classy and expensive look and can add variety to any closet. Here are some polka dot outfit ideas:

White & Black / White & Black Polka Dot Dresses

White and black polka dot seems to be the most popular color combination for a day dress.

Other Color Polka Dot

Top or Bottom Polka Dot

Another way to wear this pattern is to use it just for a top or bottom. The best way to look classy is to pair it with a solid color. 

What Not to Wear with Polka Dot?

What I think you shouldn’t wear is some kind of see-through polka dot underwear/bustier. You might disagree with me but I think the below wardrobe choice is bad and trashy.

Also, top and bottom different polka dot colors might be too busy. It is not a terrible idea, and actually kind of cute for “young” style but plain color top/bottom paired with polka dot is classier.

Stripes paired with polka dot is definitely “too much” and too busy.

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